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Lianne Van Os

Elise Anne (Lianne) Van Os

PhD Student (EU-ITN), PhD Student


PhD Project: 

The role of liver sinusoidal endothelial cells in chronic liver disease

Short CV


Bachelor of Science – Biomedical Sciences, University Utrecht (2012-2015)

Master of Science – Biology of Disease, University Utrecht (2015-2017)
In my master, I learned a lot about different disease and disease mechanisms on molecular and cellular level. I have taken greati nterest in applying this knowledge into research that  can ultimately help patients. In addition, I have been focusing with my internships mainly on regenerative medicine, stemcells and disease modeling in the liver.

Research internships

2017: Strom group, Karolinska Institute, Stockholm

During 7 months under the supervision of prof. Strom  at the Strom group (and in The Netherlands the Clevers group), I have been working on human Amnion Epithelial (Stem) Cell isolation and optimization of the in vitro culture. In addition, I introduced and established the liver organoid culture in this lab to investigate the potential of human Amnion Epithelial (hAE) Cells as a cell therapy for diseases affecting the biliary lineage in the liver, such as the Alagille syndrome. Working on this project I have learned multiple new techniques among which, hAE isolation, 2D culture, flow cytometry, qPCR, and liver perfusion. Besides this, I learned to work in an international team and to be critical on published data.

2016-2017: Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University Utrecht 

As a master student, I have worked on copper storage disease modeling in liver  organoids of canine at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine under the supervision of Asst. Prof. Bart Spee. This research included establishment of organoids from canine patients, organoid culturing, fluorescence measurements and immunofluorescent stainings.


Building D - Ground Floor - Room D025A
Brussels Health Campus
VUB - Laarbeeklaan 103
1090 Brussels