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Flow Cytometry

The LIVR laboratory offers Flow Cytometry Service, using a BD FACSAria cell sorter (2006, first generation, upgraded to FacsAria IIu in 2014). The system has 3 lasers for excitation: UV-laser (355nm), Blue laser (488nm) and Red laser (633nm) and 11 fluorescence detectors. Cell sorting is possible in a 2-way or 4-way setup. We offer support for the experimental setup, and the analysis using FlowJo software.


Analysis and sorting is restricted to animal material, human cellines and fixed human primary cells. The following samples are not allowed: unfixed human cells, samples containing human viruses, genetically modified organisms and radio-actively labelled samples. Flowjo software is available for data analysis.  Collected data files are provided in .fcs or .pdf format. For conditions, costs and reservations: please send email to JM Lazou .