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Teaching activities

The academic staff members of LIVR are responsible for the following courses at the Brussels Health Campus:

Leo van Grunsven:

  • Bioinformatics (3rd Bachelor Biomedical Sciences)

(practical courses supported by Stefaan Verhulst)

Inge Mannaerts:

  • Topics in Biomedical Sciences (1st Master Biomedical Sciences)
  • The Empirical cycle in practice (1st Bachelor Biomedical sciences)

Hendik Reynaert:

  • Physiology of the cell and the organs (2nd Bachelor Biomedical sciences and Pharmaceutical sciences)
  • Physiology and pathophysiology of the organ systems (2nd Bachelor Medicine)

(practical courses by Joeri Lambrecht and Liza Dewyse)

Doctoral School of Life Sciences and Medicine (DS-LSM)

Prof. Leo van Grunsven, Head of the LIVR research group, is Director of the Doctoral School of Life Sciences and Medicine since 2016.

The Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) offers research training of a high international standard in a strong research environment.  A doctorate in Life Sciences & Medicine from the VUB qualifies candidates for an academic career as well as other professions requiring a high level of competence. This can be reached through courses and workshops made freely available by the doctoral schools to PhD candidates of the VUB.  Your doctoral school in Life Sciences & Medicine (LSM) supports you during your doctorate with training, travel grants and publishing grants.

Activities of DS-LSM

PhD United social network

External training

Training @ LIVR

PhD thesis preparation (min. 4 years): depending on available fellowships : please contact Leo van Grunsven

Bachelor/ Master thesis (max. 1 year)

Every academic year, the LIVR group offers the opportunity for student to prepare:

  • a Master thesis Biomedical Sciences/ Bio-Engineer/ Medicine/ Biology...
  • a Professional Bachelor thesis (Lab technicians)

Enthusiastic about joining our team? More information on our research projects on the poster presentation below (in Dutch)

pdf filePoster-LIVR-research 2015.pdf (882 KB)

pdf filePoster LIVR 2016.pdf (891 KB)

pdf filePoster LIVR 2017.pdf (5.11 MB)


List of theses since 2009

PhD theses

  • Zhenan LIU (2010)

"Function of Non-muscle Myosin Isoforms in Mouse Hepatic Stellate Cells" (Promotor: Hendrik reynaert / Co-promotor: Leo van Grunsven)

  • Inge MANNAERTS (2011) 

"The Role Of Histone Deacetylases During Hepatic Stellate Cell Activation And Fibrogenesis" (Promotor: Leo van Grunsven)

  • Katrien VAN BENEDEN (2012)

 "Experimental FSGS: Pathology and Therapeutic Approach" (Promotor: Christiane Van Den Branden - co-promotor: Leo van Grunsven)

  • Eduardo GUIMARAES (2012) 

"Investigation of mechanisms involved in hepatic stellate cell activation in vitro" (Promotor: Leo van Grunsven)

  • Ben SCHROYEN (2014)

“The role of leptin, insulin and insulin-like growth factor binding protein 3 during hepatic stellate cell activation” (Promotor: Leo van Grunsven / Co-promotor: Marc Nyssen)

  • Elke VAN ROSSEN (2014)

“Expression and function of intermediate filaments in hepatic stellate cells” (Promotors: Leo van Grunsven + Hendrik Reynaert)

  • Lien THOEN (2015)

"The Role Of Stress Pathways During Hepatic Stellate Cell Activation"

  • Adil EL TAGHDOUINI (2016)

“Characterization of human quiescent, activated and inactivated hepatic stellate cells”

  • Leslie STRADIOT (2017) 

"Modulation of liver fibrosis by liposome-mediated selective targeting of hepatic stellate cells"

  • Stefaan VERHULST (2018) 

"Liver progenitor cell biology in chronic liver disease"

Master Theses

soon available

Bachelor Theses

soon available